KIPP Albany Elementary & Middle Schools

KIPP Albany Community Public Charter Schools (KIPP Albany) is the new partnership between KIPP Tech Valley Charter School (KTV) and Albany Community Charter School (ACCS). Located on the North & South End of Albany, KIPP Albany will serve 1,500 students in grades K-8 in the 2020-2021 school year.

KIPP Elementary students sitting during an assembly

KIPP Albany Community Charter Elementary School is a kindergarten through grade five elementary charter school located in the South End of Albany.

KIPP : Albany students in a computer lab

KIPP Albany Community Charter Middle School, which opened in 2012, serves our students in grades six through eight.

Teacher working with a small group at a table

Students ranging from kindergarten to fourth grade build a strong foundation of literacy and math skills, participating in field trips and enrichment classes that include Physical Education, Science, Theater, Dance, Music, and Spanish.

Students working together at tables on an art project

Students in fifth through eighth grades acquire and apply the knowledge, skills, and character habits necessary to succeed in high school, college, and beyond.